About Coleman’s Run

Who is Coleman?

Coleman is a young boy, full of life and adventure. Coleman has autism. Does this sound familiar?

Team Coleman pic

Autism. A very common, yet misunderstood developmental disability that affects 1 in every 68 children.

So much can be done to support people with exceptionalities but it must start with awareness. Moreover, awareness of any special need is underpinned by the conceptual link to action.  Through Coleman’s Run, it is our hope that more people in the central Virginia area will become aware of the autism spectrum and, as a result, become actively involved in the charities and lives of the individuals and families we seek to support.

Each individual supporter leads to greater awareness. Your support helps gain more attention towards a special need.

Coleman’s Run is designed to bring attention to the autistic community in the Lynchburg, VA and surrounding areas. With the statistics on autism, it is likely you may know someone diagnosed with some form of autism. When you support, be sure to remember them in your decision to participate in Coleman’s Run!

Where is Your Money Going?

Since the purpose of this event is to increase awareness and support  local charities, the proceeds from Coleman’s Run will go to Autism Speaks U: Liberty Univesity.*

Autism Speaks U is an initiative of Autism Speaks, is designed to support college students, alumni and faculty in their awareness, advocacy and fundraising efforts. Autism Speaks U’s inaugural event took place at Penn State University in 2006 and was launched as a national program in 2008. Autism Speaks U chapters are officially recognized by their campus and Autism Speaks to represent our cause. Through organized meetings and events, chapters are committed to raising awareness and funds for Autism Speaks, while serving as voices of hope, inspiration, and support for the autism community.